Tips #1

Here’s a good tip, organize all of your scripts into sections. You can do this by using:
-Batlle Scripts
-Menu Scripts
-Stat Scripts
-Gameplay Scripts
-Bug Fixes
-(person)’s Scripts
Blah blah etc.
You can also name the scripts so they’re easy to find. Personally, I use this:
YEA | Battle System
Why? Well I know YEA is Yanfly Engine Ace, the | is a separator, and that it’s the battle system. I always use the three capitalized letters to find it and credit them properly without having to do a ton of searches.
I hope this helped you organize your scripts better for you or your team’s use!

-King Dragoon-

About kingdragoon32

I make games and such... I'm also an artist. I want to make games for people to play and enjoy, I also want to help others make their games better in their vision.
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