Tips #2 – Mapping… what did you do.

Seriously… I see good maps, maps that need working on.. dear god what did you do.

Some of these makers, like have a good system going but half-ass it with other things.

Here’s the tip: when you map houses, make them proportionate. If they’re 2 tiles high, make the roof 3-4 tiles high. Not 1. This way it doesn’t look terrible. Map not big enough? Adjust it. Every good game out there has had to have gone through adjustments even if it meant remapping or completely redoing the game. I should know, I do it all the time.
So make sure you put some thought and effort when you’re mapping.

-King Dragoon-

About kingdragoon32

I make games and such... I'm also an artist. I want to make games for people to play and enjoy, I also want to help others make their games better in their vision.
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