Game Update #3 – The Valiant

The game is coming along… but I’ve always been flip-floppy with making games. I love it but never totally satisfied.

I’m really wanting to use the Luna Engine that Archeia and others are making. I get to make my own graphics and I’ll make some for everyone else to use too! Hooray KD!

So yeah… anyways. Chaos Portal keeps coming up with more stuff too. If I had a internet for my computer I’d Google translate it. I’m using some of their stuff, it looks good too.

I tend to go between graphics, scripts, and styles of stuff. Flip floppy. Never really having anything solid. If I knew how to script, had a scripted or team, I could totally make something great, I have a billion ideas that requires scripting, and making a huge system with those.

Nuff’ said, the game may come in parts or episodes or as a whole, keep looking for updates!

-King Dragoon-

About kingdragoon32

I make games and such... I'm also an artist. I want to make games for people to play and enjoy, I also want to help others make their games better in their vision.
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