Coming Soon #1

Coming soon… a whole array of Tileset Edits from the default RTP for rpg maker vx ace!
I will post the Interior, Exterior, Dungeon, Crates Barrels Jars and more Tilesets by the end of the week! Keep an eye out~

-King Dragoon-

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Terms for KD Games

Our terms for usage of any images and games we create for everyone or for personal usage:
Tilesets and Logos are free to use in any
Non-Commercial game.
Mostly all games are free, once in a while
We’ll make a commercial game for under $10.
All games and demos are made by KD Games
Do not claim them as your own, they are clearly marked in the title screen and are obviously made by us.

By using our creations you agree to these terms and conditions.

-King Dragoon-

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Welcome! :D

Welcome to KD Games’ Blog! I’m your host, KD! Here i’ll post my Graphical Creations, Demos, and Full Games that I create! I’ll answer any question, help you with YOUR RPG game, and give stuff out for free! But every now and then I’ll make a commercial game under $10. The current game in progress (non-commercial) is Valiant for RPG Maker VX Ace (roughly without RTP is 192 MB)

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